Formal Semantics of Object-Oriented Languages

Here's a list of the publications that sprang from my doctoral research.

Semantics of Smalltalk-80 Mario Wolczko. In Proceedings of the 1987 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, J. B\'ezivin, J.-M. Hullot, P. Cointe, and H. Lieberman, editors, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 276, pages 108-120. Springer-Verlag, Paris, June 1987.
The first formal model of (a subset of) Smalltalk.

Semantics of Object-Oriented Languages Mario I. Wolczko. (Ph.D. thesis) Technical Report UMCS-88-6-1, Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester, May 1988.
An early treatise on the formal semantics of object-oriented languages. The next paper is a condensed version.

Object-Oriented Languages. Mario I. Wolczko. In Case Studies in Systematic Software Development, Cliff B. Jones and Roger C. F. Shaw, editors, chapter 10, pages 257-269. Prentice-Hall International, 1990.
Formal semantics of object-oriented languages, the VDM way.

Mario Wolczko
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